Thursday, April 3, 2008

Scene it?

Short post today, but I thought I'd clue you all in on what has quickly become one of my very favorite movies EVER. If you haven't seen The Painted Veil, I would highly recommend doing so...very soon...immediately, if possible.

There are several reasons to love the film based on the Somerset Maugham novel by the same name--the beautiful setting (interior China, circa 1925) being chief among them. (Seriously, it made me want to go to China!) But also, I think the acting (Edward Norton and Naomi Watts) is impeccable. I love it when I watch a film and I can feel what the character is feeling. (With the noted exceptions of pain and fear, of course, in which case I'm fine with mediocre acting.) At any rate, the actors are superb. Finally, the story itself contains important, timeless messages about love, hurt, betrayal, compassion, selflessness, decency, and forgiveness. If you'd care to see a trailer, please do so at

Oh yes, one last thing--the music is phenomenal. River Waltz and Gnossiennes No. 1 are beautiful pieces, but one song in particular, A La Claire Fontaine, is, quite possibly, he loveliest thing I've heard in a long time. (Unfortunately, they didn't include A la Claire Fontaine on the soundtrack, but the Laure Shang version, available on iTunes, is beautiful, nonetheless.)

If you happen to watch it, I'd love to hear what you thought about it.



Aryn said...

I saw this awhile ago, but yes, I thought it was great. A very pretty and sexy film (and of course the acting too, blah blah blah).

christian said...

I have seen it. And I loved it. I love China.